Thursday, November 14, 2013

Group Movement - a group work and walk

OG Group Movers from left to right: Sara Roberts, Kate Brown, Jasmine Orpilla, Melanie Nakaue (not pictured), Irene Tsatsos, Bia Gayotto, Kris Kuramitsu, Ellie Viray, and Amy Inouye

We did it!!!! We delved right into a few of the basics, walking and working it out altogether along the way. Group Movement LA was truly a collaborative effort as we all figured out the most effective way to call out the moves so that they registered quickly in our minds and our bodies.

Session 2 here we come! Looking very forward to meeting additional new group movers this Saturday!! In Session 2 (this Saturday on November 16) we will be doing an overview of what we covered Week 1 and then jumping right into our routine (which will be filmed in Session 3).