Our Routine

Here is our new modified call list (considerably shorter and simpler....but still getting the job done!) and overview of the entire routine.


After the shudan koudou / group movement efforts of the Nippon Sport Science University (NSSU) were first aired on TV in 2011, schools and groups from all over Japan sent in videos showing their group movement exploits. 

Inspired by the artistry of the NSSU students, a group of 4th graders at an elementary school in Tokyo decided they wanted to take up the challenge of learning group movement and to take on its most lauded move the kousa / the cross. Below is the video (from the Asahi TV 3 hour Shudan Koudou Special aired on October 12, 2012) of the 4th graders group movement effort! NOTE: "The cross" comes towards the end.

For Group Movement LA, we will be using this performance as the basis of our own pioneering group movement feat!!

List of "calls" and diagram charting our movements